This is the first album, released on CBS in 1978. It was recorded at the Olympic Sound Studio, London.Special guest:Ian stewart (rolling stones) on piano
this one is the second album released in 1980 on CBS.Recorded at the automatt studio, San Francisco, produced by Sandy Pearlman.Special guests:  Alan Pasqua , Allen Lanier (B.O.C) and Armando Peraza
This LP was reissue later on Musidisc and Bad Reputation .
Cover by :
Philippe Mogane
This is a semi-bootleg recorded in 1980 during the Black and Blue tour(Black Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult).Includes a song in french never released before.Special guest: Jimmy Page
The first album reissued on MFP
one of the 3 singles that were released by CBS
Fabienne Shine 1976-1982 Vocals see also chrome
Eric Lewy 1976-1982 Guitars see also etc.... Era
Mike Winter 1978-1982 Bass
Jean-Lou Kalinowski 1976-1982 Drums see also AC22 ,chrome
Ross "The Boss " Friedman 1979-1981 Guitars See also The Dictators, Heyday, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom , Manowar and The brain Surgeons
Andrew "Duck" McDonald 1981-1982 Guitars See also Bible Black, Blue Cheer, Rods, Thrasher
Louis bertignac 1976-1977 guitar
Corinne Marienneau 1976-1977 bass
Armik Tigrane 1978-1979 Guitar
Patrice laberia 1977-1978 Guitar
line ups
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This album was recorded in 1980 with the same lineup as solid as a rock.It includes 13 live songs ,(some unreleased before ) and 4 bonus tracks recorded in studio. Released on July 1st 2004
featuring Jimmy Page on one of the bonus studio track .
CD reissue on the BLACK ROSE label, containing both albums, VAMPIRE ROCK (1978) and SOLID AS A ROCK (1980) .This is a bootleg
Promo single from the vampire rock (1978)
solid as a rock and live and raw (reissue 2004 ,bad reputation)