Shakin'Street had never played the Olympia,so when Christophe Gofette asked us if we would get the band back together for this concert, we said yes. Before the gig, the band met around 4pm at the Hard Rock Cafe ,where most of the artists playing the crossroads night were present too.I had the pleasure to meet Eliott Murphy which i have been a big fan but never met before.It was nice to see Johan Asherton was there too.
We stayed till about 6 and after meeting fans of the band we decided to split .Fabienne, Mike and Ross went to take some rest before the show ..I went to the Olympia to check it out.As we got close to the stage ,a drummer was doing his soundcheck ,no wonder he sounded good ,it was Carmine Appice himself .After he was done ,i went to check the drums i would play on later that night .It was time now to go backstage , check out our dressing room and of course the catering hehe!. Carmine was there too ,so we took a pic together .
Soon came 8pm and the first crossroads night began .It started with the acoustic part of this long concert ,Murphy, Asherton ,Ringenberg and a big surprise ,Mary Lee's Corvette ,wow ,i was impressed by her talent .The backstage was getting crowded now,Little Bob ,Arthur Brown ,Phil May ,Neal Casal ,Chris Wilson etc..The Olympia was the house of Rock'n Roll for a night.
We were sheduled at midnight ,but the concert was running late so we had plenty of time to get nervous ,at list as far as i am concerned .Before we came on ,a band called blackfire played ,this was the second big surprise of the night ,two brothers and one sister (the wonderfull Jenida) gave a 3 songs set that could have set the Olympia on fire for good.
Hum!!! .Playing right after them was quite a challenge ."No compromise" ,i got only the bass in my monitor and Fabienne looses the cord of her mike ,dam ."Solid as a rock"....we are cruising  ,"soul dealer" ,the crowd is real hot now claping hands on Nono's guitar intro ,Ross is playin like our last gig was last week ,Fabienne sings great ,mike does the wall of sound by himself and i am .....doing my best wondering why this drumriser is too small. "Box you" ,the last song ,about 8mns long ,like we don't want to leave the stage ,of course we don't .We are where we always wanted to be . But everything's got to end .Here we are ,all in front of the stage bowing and thanking the audience that sure helped us that night .
ps: remember :It aint over till it's really over ,and thanks again to Nono for making it possible :))))))) .
>>>Pics from the Olympia<<<
>>>Pics from the Olympia<<<