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  1 intro
  2 what kind of love
  3 no time to loose
  4 generation x
  5 scarlet
  6 every man and every woman is a star
  7 box you
  8 blues is the same
  9 love song
10 susie wong
11 where are you babe
12 i m your girl
13 no compromise

bonus studio tracks

14 i m your girl
15 scarlet
16 what kind of love
17 heavy metal kid
(Special guest :Jimmy Page )
Fabienne Shine : lead vocal
Mike Winter : bass, vocals
Ross the Boss : guitar, vocals
Jean - Lou Kalinowski : drums
Eric Levy : guitar
Shakin' street - Solid as a rock + Live and raw
Reissue 2004
Shakin' Street - Live
Fabienne Shine - No mad Nomad
Fabienne and her bandmates continued to create music on their own...Fabienne got together in Paris a couple years ago with former Shakin' Street drummer Jean-Lou Kalinowski, guitarist Nicolas Bravin, bassists Franck Ory and Varik Grand, keyboardist Bertrand Bonello , backup vocalist Dorothee Hausser and Pierre-Henri Samion who produced "No Mad Nomad."
This record showcases the perfect evolution of Fabienne's unique vocal and songwriting talents...an upbeat yet enigmatic collection of rock and roll that you'll be sure to keep in constant rotation. Listen for yourself!
Fabienne has also recently wrapped a 3-song EP and a new Sufi-influenced "epic"...she is currently living in Los Angeles and working on booking club dates in the LA area . Stay tuned...
1. No Compromise    2. Solid as a Rock  3. No Time to Lose  4. Soul Dealer  5. Susie Wong  6. Every Man, Every Woman Is a Star  7. Generation X  8. So Fine  9. I Want to Box You + Live bonus tracks
Fabienne Shine : vocals
Mike Winter : bass, vocals
Ross the Boss : guitar, vocals
Jean - Lou Kalinowski : drums
Eric Levy : guitar
Fabienne Shine: Lead vocals and harmonica
Nicholas Bravin: Guitars
Jean-lou Kalinowski: , Drums, percussions
Varik Grand:bass
Frank Ory:bass and guitar
Pierre-Henri Samion:guitar
Bertrand Bonello:organ
Dorothee Hausser:vocals
The formaly unemployed singers:backing vocals
Produced by Pierre-Henri Samion
broken hearts(shine/shine)
down here is hell(shine/Kalinowski)
kill for love(shine/Kalinowski)
the cross(prince)
hold the time(shine/Kalinowski)
the real thing(shine/tardy)
this gun is loaded(shine/samion)
life is goin'on(shine/Kalinowski)
salt of the earth(jagger/richards)
no mad nomad(shine/shine)
       Limited Edition
      500 copies only
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Fabienne Shine - Fabienne Shine and the planets
The bag lady(shine/Kalinowski)
watch out(shine/Kalinowski)
Dancing for eternity(shine/Samion)
Mr president(Shine/Antal)
My girls,my heroes(shine)
Life is a synphony(shine)
River deep,mountain high(Spector/barry/greenwich)
Cruisin' on PCH(shine/Antal)
If i was a planet(Shine/Fisher)
In shallah(shine)
Fabienne Shine: Lead vocals and harmonica
Ross The Boss: Guitar 
Albert Bouchard :Drums,cowbell

Jean-lou Kalinowski: , Drums, percussions ,synth ,sitar
Joe Bouchard :bass 
Micha Sanchez :bass
Moogy Klingman :Keyboard
Thierry cossu :Guitar

Norbert Krief :guitar 
Erick Bamy :vocals
dave Schulz :Keyboard
Balasz Antal :Guitar ,sitar ,keyboard

Phil Bonanno:organ ,synth

Produced by :Eric "ET Thorngren ,Jean-lou Kalinowski ,David Grover ,Ben Fisher and balasz Antal
Fabienne Shine and The Planets. The new album features the musicians that Fabienne considers to be her family. Drummer Jean-Lou Kalinowski  was 15 years old when he joined Shakin Street. He produced and composed two songs for the new album. Ross The Boss  (The Dictators ,Manowar ,brain surgeons) plays guitar.Albert Bouchard  and Joe Bouchard  (Blue Oyster Cult) play drums ans bass Norbert Krief  from the the French group "Trust" is another "guitar hero in the family. Fabienne composed five songs with an enigmatic musicien , Balasz Antal who plays guitar, keyboards and sitar. Moogy Klingman (Todd Rundgren) plays Hammond organ. Dave Shultz  English Beat and Berlin) also plays keyboards. The album was recorded in L.A., New York and Paris.